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Movin’ on.

After over 5 glorious years, I have moved ye olde blog to Tumblr. It didn’t make sense to have a Scrapbook that I updated all the time and a longer-form blog that I didn’t. WordPress, it was nice hanging out with you. Entries will be archived here for your perusal.

Amtrak from L.A. to Portland

In California

Joanna Newsom – In California [audio:incalifornia.mp3] Hot Springs. Hesperia, California. Some dirt roads, 5 bucks to the lady at the shack and a two mile hike to paradise.

Recent snaps

We had fake summer for a couple days last week… And now it’s raining and freezing like it has been for 90% of the last month. Saw 2 of the 3 Nada Surf whole-record shows this week. SO GOOD

Site redesign.

Check it out!

Holiday Postcards

I have a few more holiday-themed postcards to send out. Send your snail mail address here by December 24th and I’ll get them out to you! The blog will be quiet(er) until January 7th as I’ll be in Israel! Expect many photos upon my return, and happy holidays!

bresnitz twins win

I’ve known Greg and Darin Bresnitz for the longest out of anyone I know in New York. We’re going on 9 years, since freshman year at BU. They got written up in the New York Post today for their new show, “Dinner with the Band,” debuting on IFC this Tuesday. Congrats dudes! Read the article!

Sony Ericsson: behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes of my photoshoot for Sony Ericsson last May. I shot the entire campaign with the camera phone we were advertising (the CS905).

hello seattle

Owl City – Hello Seattle [audio:helloseattle.mp3] Better late than never: Cat DVD. Mockery. John, thank you for the views and for taking me to the highest point to see them.

facebook! ocean!

Hey! Be my fan on Facebook. Here’s some beach pics from last weekend. Long Beach (Long Island) is the goddamn jam. Worth the $10 too. (Yeah, we pay for good beaches on the east coast. Maybe it’s the warmer water.) The waves totally shredded us. Brutal and awesome.