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Best of 2010: Part 2

April – June…. Fort TIlden. Easter. Deep Creek Hot Springs, Hesperia, CA! Harlem shoot for City at Barbiere in the East Village. Mishka Summer ’10 lookbook shoot at Coney Island. One of the most fun shoots I did all year! Abigail comes for a visit. Ariel Pink shoot in the LES… Canoe trip on the […]

Summer 2010 in motion.

The first of many to come.

Goin’ back to Cali…

I’m going to be in LA for the MOPLA PDN 30 opening Thursday night. Please come out! And if anyone needs anything shot in the Southern CA area from April 7-13… hit me up! Fort Tilden beach on a surprisingly freezing and foggy Saturday: Don’t start a fire at Fort Tilden. They’ll bust you. Just […]

williamsburg bridge party 3.0.

The third and most likely last Williamsburg Bridge party kicked off Friday night, featuring Japanther and Ninjasonik. One of the most absurd and awesome things that has happened this summer. We showed up around midnight and by 1 there were probably 200 people on the middle causeway of the bridge. They’ve been doing construction so […]


Been almost six months. Still not real.

spring, phthrd, muxtape, shit’s crazy.

It’s that time of year again. Not riding throughout the winter is the worst. (Call me a wimp but I can’t handle riding in 10 degree weather. Sorry.) PHTHRD is tonight. Get your tickets soon or they will be gone. It’s going to be…interesting. Also: (via Noah) Justin has created Muxtape. Online mixtapes playable via […]

R.I.P. Sheldon Brown.

Sheldon Brown passed away yesterday. His website was, and I’m sure will continue to be, indispensable to me as a road cyclist.

madge lessing. trackstand with trumpet. 1902.

I love the Library of Congress. I’ll pretend she’s really trackstanding and the back wheel isn’t being held in place with something.

memorial rides. sunday.

Craig Murphey memorial ride.

The Flickr Pool. Streetsblog post. He worked at a non-profit called West Harlem Action Network Against Poverty (WHANAP), through the Cathedral Community Cares at St. John the Divine. Donations can be made payable to Cathedral of St. John the Divine c/o Craig Murphey: The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine 1047 Amsterdam Avenue New […]