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Friend and photographer Bryan Derballa immersed himself in Brooklyn’s moped scene for a fantastic photo essay on Wired’s new Raw File blog. Check it out.

greil marcus on “astral weeks,” 1969

Van Morrison – Cypress Avenue [audio:cypressavenue.mp3] A bit of a departure from photography for a second: I’d been looking for a particularly well-written paragraph from a review I’d once read of Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks for a few days now, and google was proving fruitless.  By process of elimination I figured it had to be […]

a gem from the new york times archive.


Patrick O’Brien.

I stumbled upon the Patrick O’Brien Foundation website tonight, and was instantly drawn to his raw and highly descriptive blog entries about his fight against the degenerative muscle disease ALS. One, from this past May, is amazingly poignant: The end of small talk, thank G-d. The end of doodling – I’ll miss you, waves, flowers, […]

new day19 photo zine

check out jeremy and claire‘s new photo zine… a very big one.

high school seems like but a dream

check out glynnis‘ bedroom project. i first found glynnis’ website when she was thirteen and i was eighteen. i couldn’t believe the words coming from such a young girl were real. now she takes pictures, and of course they’re damn good.

september’s coming soon, i’m pining for the moon

big thanks to noah kalina for giving me copious amounts of random expired 220 film yesterday.  check out the animation of his everyday photo series on vimeo. williamsboard finally has a wiki, and it’s providing us with hours of procrastination material. what wiki world we live in! i just got into vimeo.  far more userfriendly […]

think about life @ lucky cat – 7.26.06

this band shredded. montreal has some crazy motherfuckers making music lately. for your consumption: the gowanus lounge has some neat renderings of what mccarren pool would look like with water in it. corie has a mashup of brooklyn maps from 1776 and today, displaying parts of red hook and gowanus that were originally  under water! […]

google API hack for street connectivity… couldn’t fit the entire window in the screen capture. (bigger)

links du jour

it is an extremely hung-over and exhausted friday. google cartography – haven’t fiddled with this yet (some google API key business) but it looks awesome virginist – funny, if not slightly sad, blog by a new yorker who can’t put her queen size bed to use a history of violence repeats itself – a hilarious […]