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Flak photo.

Andy Adams over at Flak Photo featured one of my images from Of Recklessness and Water today! Thanks Andy. Also, big thanks to Booooooom, My Love For You, and Paper Spaceship for their respective blog posts this week! You can buy the zine here.

sublet clothing fall 2008

Sublet Clothing’s fall line is out now! I shot the lookbook.

september’s coming soon

Cotton brown Octobers; This August it’s wool– Joan of Arc Today it felt like San Francisco.  An autumnal oasis in the middle of the dog days of summer.  I wore a long sleeved shirt and cardigan. The skies were something to behold as well: My birthday present finally came. Here! In my Vans! Saturday we […]

When I was fifteen all I did was ride my bike and brood.

Eleanor Hardwick was born the year before I got my first point-and-shoot and took it to Florida to visit my grandparents. Her work is pretty damn amazing, though her website needs some work. Regardless, is about ten years ahead of her time. I’d post some here but they’re all watermarked on her site, so check […]

when summer gets along, your hair gets too long.

Big thanks to everyone who helped out with my memory card failure. Unfortunately no resurrection was possible–the entire thing was so corrupt that it couldn’t even format in my camera, let alone be read by my computer. In a way this was good, as I got to reshoot and the results were far better than […]


Some links:  Neat post about me on My Love For You Is A Stampede of Horses. Angela Boatwright’s bedroom from 1988 is amazing.    

new muxtape. – the mix of trees. & call for help I’m included as well as friends Ye Rin Mok, Noah Kalina, Jeremy & Claire Weiss, etc… In other news, a plea to my (if I have any?) readers for help:   I am currently experiencing the dreaded Corrupt CompactFlash Card.  Photo Rescue Wizard doesn’t recognize any media attached to my computer if it’s plugged […]

you’ve made it when…

Noah’s video got parodied on the Simpsons. Unreal. Parody. Original. Also: Eli Davis Weiss.

remember when it snowed?

I rediscovered these negatives tonight. Pratt Street, Allson, Massachusetts. I loved this house. After the huge blizzard in early 2005, we set up a gigantic pile of snow in our front yard and jumped off the second floor balcony into it. Jess lives in LA now. She’s got some damn good craft making skills. That’s […]