Monthly Archives September 2006

the long winters’ blues jam in A

the long winters do “special effects” on Vimeo from the bowery ballroom, september 29, 2006

ben kweller & jason roberts

la zona rosa, austin, texas


backstage at la zona rosa, austin, texas.

bishop allen

greenpoint, brooklyn. for CMJ new music monthly

ben and dorian kweller

ben’s self titled record was released yesterday. i have fifteen photos in the album atwork. check it out!

i’m home

back from austin. possible solo show in the works in oregon. photos soon!

be back next week

off to

for the first time in over a year, this store’s gate was open.

right after i took this picture, a guy inside came out and asked why i took one. i replied, "why not?" and he had no answer except "why, do you want to rent it?" i said i was just remarking that it was the first time i’d seen this storefront open in over a year. […]

we have a hotel in gowanus now.

this is the first time i’ve walked by the new holiday inn express and seen it open. i hope that those who are staying here thinking they are in “park slope” aren’t scared off by the post-industrial (yet beautiful) decay of west-of-fourth-avenue.

cat power

(one of nine or so shots i got off before my batteries died completely.) i caught the late show (of two tonight) at irving plaza. ah the lovable chan. she’s at least finishing songs nowadays and replacing stage fright with bizarre dancing routines instead. she added herself to my list of “favorite concert moments ever” […]