Monthly Archives October 2006

my new website is live!

it’s taken me about four months to get this thing completed. please check it out and let me know what you think!

new day19 photo zine

check out jeremy and claire‘s new photo zine… a very big one.

high school seems like but a dream

check out glynnis‘ bedroom project. i first found glynnis’ website when she was thirteen and i was eighteen. i couldn’t believe the words coming from such a young girl were real. now she takes pictures, and of course they’re damn good.

unnecessary force

please read about this show of excessive force by the houston police department at a two gallants show last friday. unbelievable.

yesterday we climbed a mountain

the abandoned MTA power plant

gowanus, brooklyn. i did some exploring.

today was great

built to spill

from the first of three shows at irving plaza, new york