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revere sugar refinery panorama – december 2006

took a trip to the ol’ sugar giant to see how far along demolition has gone, and was (pleasantly?) surprised to see it’s still sort of up, holding on, awaiting its dismal fate. thanks to CS3’s amazingly improved photomerge automator, i got a nicer panorama than i did before. go big.

christmas dinner photo shoot


i shot the band vietnam for CMJ music monthly today

sugar factory, incomplete panorama

best viewed superbig demolition has begun. sad days for red hook.



did a little shoot for the band autoharp today

fourth avenue’s charm

shadows of hands

sorry for the lack of updates. been working on my solo show like mad. last nigth i shot the hot 97 listener appreciation party at the nokia theatre. what an experience. such insanity and even crazier photos. take a look at the rest