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Wrangler ThisIsWanted Gallery

The above photo has made it into the shortlist of possible selects for the Dazed Digital ThisIsWanted traveling exhibition, to be displayed in Barcelona next month. Sweet!


Did a quick job in Cooperstown on Thursday. Jim came with me so he could go to the Baseball Hall of Fame. We got some nasty hamburgers and gravy-fries. I made my favorite D: (appalled) face on my burger: We hit some insane thunderstorms on the way home: Trevor and I rode to the Mermaid […]

Bonnaroo 2007

More photos here. I thnk I made the right choice in shooting mostly with the DSLR. I shot a lot of 120 film with my RB67 (yet to be developed), mainly as an experiment.


Quick news: Had a 25th birthday party: Heading to Bonnaroo tomorrow morning. Be back Monday!

Dead Horse Bay

Got down to Dead Horse Bay yesterday. (full flickr set here) We took the train to Coney Island and rode to the beach for some picture-taking. We then rode to Canarsie Pier and down Rockaway Parkway to the L train. Next I’d like to explore the rest of the Shore Parkway greenway up into Queens. […]

Exploring Plumb Beach

I’d been fascinated with Plumb Island near Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, since the nonsensenyc-advertised Dead Horse Inn event took place there about a year ago. I didn’t go because it was pouring, but apparently the cops shut it down before much happened anyway. Here’s a bit of history on the place (from the Village Voice): During […]

My initial jump into the world of shameless self promotion

Got my sample Blurb book in the mail today. The printing kind of kills all the blacks and shadow detail but other than that I’m impressed. A few tweaks and I’ll print up a bulk order for sending to magazines, art directors, and if you’re lucky, you!


Yesterday before we saw Knocked Up (awesome, by the way) in the East Village, Jim and I came across Otafuku. I got the octapus takoyaki and man was it delicious. All of the little wheat paste balls are rotated until they fill with air and deliciousness. Earlier in the day I met up with PCD […]

The plight of the bicyclist in developing north Brooklyn

On my way home from Williamsburg via bicycle, I had been preparing a blog post in my head about the current state of the now-repaved and fancied-up Kent Avenue in Williamsburg–WHY on earth are there no bike lanes? Have the Hasids perfected some sort of more-efficient breeding technique that now yields babies in fives, requiring […]