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craig murphey. 1981-2007.

Tonight The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine held a memorial for Craig Murphey, our friend who died in a bicycle accident early on October 18th. He worked here as a coordinator for WHANAP (the West Harlem Action Network Against Poverty). Darin showed Craig’s grandmother the tattoo he got of an illustration based on […]

remember when it snowed?

I rediscovered these negatives tonight. Pratt Street, Allson, Massachusetts. I loved this house. After the huge blizzard in early 2005, we set up a gigantic pile of snow in our front yard and jumped off the second floor balcony into it. Jess lives in LA now. She’s got some damn good craft making skills. That’s […]

8pm sunset

Catching up on film: Long Beach, Long Island. Somewhere upstate near Bear Mountain, New York. Greg at McCarren Park, Brooklyn. I’ve been hibernating. I think I slept for half of this entire week. I think I need one of those SAD lamps.

on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

The Weakerthans‘ Reunion Tour is going in my top five for 2007. Relative Surplus Value: Find the airport at 7 a.m., my heart pumping pure mini-bar. Sit on the concrete by the carts and some girl throws a dime in my lap. You won’t be laughing when you hear how this one ends. So I […]

amazing, amazing.

Amazing: Marie Lorenz and her boatmaking and exploration of abandoned places in the New York City area by boat. So many incredble things to be seen via water. A rowboat would certainly have alleviated my near-catastrophe last weekend at Coney Island Creek.

i overslept and woke up to the chill of fall.

It’s rare that I’m impressed by any photographer’s work very strongly these days but Julia Galdo‘s site is worth checking out for sure. And Cali Dewitt’s blog makes me so fucking stoked on life it’s insane. Other news: One of my Cat Power photographs recently made it onto the cover of her upcoming biography! And […]