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the dodos.

They killed it at the Mercury Lounge last night. They’re going to be huge. The “blogosphere” is already buzzing. And you know what that means. Today we took pictures all around the East Village, wandering around with no plan just like we did in LA in May. It worked out okay–you’ll see. I will have […]

let it bleed.

Busy busy… I can’t believe Ethan Russell waited nearly 40 years to do this, but he has just released the book Let It Bleed, a photo documentation of the Rolling Stones’ 1969 tour. It’s almost like I saw these photographs in another life or something before taking my own on the tours I’ve been on, […]

who’s got the hookup?

The Burton Archive Collection is making me drool. Two weeks ’til Mount Snow. Bring on the nor’easters.

hymns are all growned up!

John Norris of MTV wrote a great review of Hymns today. They’re gonna be big… My apartment, January 2006. (Dude on the right isn’t in the band anymore.)

new site.

madge lessing. trackstand with trumpet. 1902.

I love the Library of Congress. I’ll pretend she’s really trackstanding and the back wheel isn’t being held in place with something.

chris floyd interview on the jackanory.

Check out the Chris Floyd interview over on the Jackanory. I’ve known Chris for quite a while from working at labs and at magazines and he’s one of the coolest and funniest photographers I’ve ever met. A rare feat to not be a complete prick in this day and age. His covert Ryan McGinley dig […]

radiohead – reckoner. january 16, 2008, 93 feet east, london, uk.

must be the colors and it must just be the kids that keep me alive on this january night.

Pretty neat things are afoot. For the next two weeks I will be working on a super awesome top secret photo job that is pretty gigantic and will be part of one of the biggest things New York City has ever seen.  Cryptic enough for you?    This cold weather sucks and I would do […]


Been craaaaaaaaaaazy busy! When it rains it pours? Jim got Rock Band. I shred drums on hard. On lefty. (I’m a righty except for drums.) Spring please.

is it holiday tomorrow