Monthly Archives May 2008

the film’s back.

Despite my being incredibly sick last weekend, I busted out the RB67 and took some shots on during the BBQ on Jim’s roof. I need a wider lens for that thing that isn’t a million dollars. Got a roll of film back that had been in my Pentacon Six TL since March. Lou Noble: And […]

may may may may

I’m a huge nerd when it comes to seeing my own work in magazines. I love it. I guess that’s part of the fun of the photography thing. If you see an Entertainment Weekly with Usher on the cover, open it up and look for the fold-out Revlon ad, open that, and look for my […]

saturday in the park.

Gina and Annie had a joint birthday party in Prospect Park today. Note to self: Don’t get a massive color tattoo right before it gets warm enough to go sleeveless! Tasty DeeLite. 6 foot long party sub. Mary tried to teach Paul how to fly a kite, with little success. Rocket assembly. Birthday girl #1. […]

kids on coffee

Has anyone been able to find a copy of the latest RE:UP Magazine anywhere (issue 15)? I shot 2 stories for it but haven’t been able to find it anywhere on Manhattan or Brooklyn newsstands yet.Some outtakes and fun ones from recent weeks. Annie. Trevor. Chicha Libre.

the sky is open

Yesterday I did a shoot for NYLON that was super fun. Trevor let me use his amazing loft. Here he is with his pup Marty. Here’s a polaroid of Jordy the makeup artist. Polaroid, don’t go dyin’ on me.


Here’s an outtake from a shoot I recently did for Alarm Magazine, of the Peruvian/psych-pop band Chicha Libre, at their home base, the bar Barbes in Park Slope. One of the band member’s daughter was having a grand old time and didn’t really want to leave the set, so I decided that for one setup […]