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williamsburg bridge party 3.0.

The third and most likely last Williamsburg Bridge party kicked off Friday night, featuring Japanther and Ninjasonik. One of the most absurd and awesome things that has happened this summer. We showed up around midnight and by 1 there were probably 200 people on the middle causeway of the bridge. They’ve been doing construction so […]

if i could only get you oceanside

I’m going to start putting selected songs before the photos so you can listen to them while looking. The beach is the greatest place in the world. The Decemberists – Oceanside [audio:oceanside.mp3]

i will take this old plane to get to you

Wow, how is it almost the end of summer?  It has by far been my busiest yet.  Sorry for the lack of updates; I’ve been working pretty much all month on editorial gigs for Giant, NYLON, Heeb, and Alarm, and with band shoots for Passion Pit, In Cadeo, and Band of Thieves.  I’ve also recently […]

passion pit for frenchkiss records

passion pit

required viewing

Bryan Derballa updated his site with some shit that will knock your socks (or slip-ons) off. He makes me feel like a chump shooting musicians when he’s off nailing shots of the youth of Israel. Check it out. Passion Pit played Pianos tonight. I took some of their press photos beforehand. Always good to get […]

september’s coming soon

Cotton brown Octobers; This August it’s wool– Joan of Arc Today it felt like San Francisco.  An autumnal oasis in the middle of the dog days of summer.  I wore a long sleeved shirt and cardigan. The skies were something to behold as well: My birthday present finally came. Here! In my Vans! Saturday we […]

who needs sleep?

bigger Four shoots in four days.

When I was fifteen all I did was ride my bike and brood.

Eleanor Hardwick was born the year before I got my first point-and-shoot and took it to Florida to visit my grandparents. Her work is pretty damn amazing, though her website needs some work. Regardless, is about ten years ahead of her time. I’d post some here but they’re all watermarked on her site, so check […]


Pizza at DiFaras is a divine experience.

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Vincent Laforet has launched his blog. (Thanks WTJ)