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“…if you aren’t afraid that she is a 72 year old heartbeat from the presidency, you should be.”

built to spill performed “perfect from now on” in its entirety on september 25, 2008.

And it was transcendent. Built to Spill – Velvet Waltz [audio:builttospill-velvetwaltz.mp3]

chico mann for RE:UP manual 16

sublet clothing fall 2008

Sublet Clothing’s fall line is out now! I shot the lookbook.

greil marcus on “astral weeks,” 1969

Van Morrison – Cypress Avenue [audio:cypressavenue.mp3] A bit of a departure from photography for a second: I’d been looking for a particularly well-written paragraph from a review I’d once read of Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks for a few days now, and google was proving fruitless.  By process of elimination I figured it had to be […]

the canon 5D mkII!

Digital Photography Review has the specs. 21.1 MP with HD video. It’s only $2799 for the body; that’s only $450 more than the 5D mkI bodies are going for on B&H right now! (thanks Ian)

big sur.

Death Cab for Cutie – Bixby Canyon Bridge [audio:bixby.mp3] I was going to wait and post photos from my trip chronologically but patience isn’t one of my virtues. This is Matt and Noah. I’d seen them in LA a few days prior and they left on their bikes to ride to San Francisco the day […]

back in new york!

After a lovely sojourn in California, I’m back in smelly Brooklyn. I left my heart phone in San Francisco. I knew I forgot something. Anyway, lots of photos to come of journeys to Big Sur, Santa Cruz, and various spots around San Francisco and Los Angeles. But first: I have a photo in the summer […]

california, the very end of august

Fleet Foxes – Drops in the River [audio:dropsintheriver.mp3]