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keene, new hampshire

Pearl Jam – Once [audio:once.mp3]

jeff mangum sings “engine” acoustic in columbus, ohio, 10-19-08

the first time i saw the decemberists was the day elliott smith died.

they made no outright mention of this fact, yet simply segued their song "clementine" into his song of the same name, in tribute.

santa cruz.

it was a good mail day.

My two copies of 0_100, featuring my photo on the cover. My copy of the new issue of Heeb, featuring two of my photos for the Heeb 100. A postcard from my new penpal, Chrissy Piper! Oh yeah, here are the two pics from Heeb. Jordan Galland, Director Doree Shafrir, ex-Gawker writer, current Senior Editor […]

god bless the indian summer…

Pedro the Lion – Indian Summer [audio:indiansummer.mp3] Fall is moustache bar / freewheel season. Bunny hop it. Coney Island Creek. A year ago I almost got stuck in the mud when the tide came in.

Matthew Berry, aka The Talented Mr. Roto, for Giant Magazine, October/November 2008

These didn’t run, but I like them best:

hiking buzzard’s roost.

Better late than never.

heeb 100 traveling portrait exhibition: october 16th

Come on out. I have a couple photos in the show.

my photo in the Original Format Exhibition

Plymouth Original Format Exhibition 24 September — 24 October 2008 The Viewpoint Gallery, Plymouth College of Art, Tavistock Place, Plymouth, Devon. PL4 6PW For more details visit Photo by Jamie Bunce