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Christmas day explorations

My youngest sister Abigail (now 11) and I have been exploring the woods near our parents’ house for the last three years. This time around we explored the paths in the legendary “Pits” that I’d last been on when I was about her age. I even used to have dreams about the paths I didn’t […]

december 2003.

Nice to see snow again.

an END OF 2008 MIX

New York gets god-awful cold in the winter but there’s a feeling of wacky comradeship somewhere in some streets. – Jack Kerouac Draw it in the Window: The End of 2008 Mix 1.2 hours, 20 tracks, zipped 1. I Was Right – Smoking Popes 2. I Was Wrong – Social Distortion 3. Now Now – […]


[audio:smokingpopes-iwasright.mp3] Smoking Popes – I Was Right Some recent 35mm… Also check out the interview I did with Sublet Clothing; I shot their Fall 08 lookbook.

Interview with Chris Buck, Part 2

Part 2 of Rob Haggart‘s interview with Chris Buck is up. This part is far more in-depth and honest. Check it out.

Chris Buck Interview

Rob Haggart interviewed one of my all-time favorite photographers, Chris Buck. So fucking good! “Another thing that’s like a personal crusade for me is trying to talk young photographers out of assisting. Because, I really think it’s a dangerous road to go down. I really try to discourage it. The example I give is that […]

too much chocolate

Check out Jake Stangel‘s new project for young photographers, Too Much Chocolate. I, personally, can never have too much chocolate.