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interview on Too Much Chocolate.

Jake Stangel interviewed me for his blog Too Much Chocolate. Check it out!

january in south brooklyn

Ian and I had a little photo adventure in the freezing cold on the Shore Parkway yesterday. (bigger)

2009, the year of microblogging

I upload mobile photos here, in case you wanted to follow it. It also has RSS if you want to keep everything in one place (long live Google Reader)! I also am now using Twitter regularly after having my account lie dormant for two years. That’s here.

new year, new president, new beginnings.

Time to celebrate. Now, time to get to work.

A couple recent tears.

Mia Kirshner, Heeb Magazine, Winter 2008-09 Issue Don Weise, Publisher of Alyson Books, The Advocate, February 2009

barlow’s new favorite spot.

New studio, new places to chill. It’s a great view for a cat.

Goodbye, Butler Street.

I lived on Butler Street in Park Slope for three years and four months until this past Saturday. It was the kind of street you could play catch or street hockey in, as it didn’t connect directly through the avenue streets; one had to come through the parallel Baltic Street to the north, like a […]

sonya cotton

Midlake – Branches [audio:branches.mp3] Happy new year! I did an amazing shoot in the woods of Princeton, NJ this past weekend, with the San Francisco-based musician Sonya Cotton.  I’m moving from Park Slope to a studio in Fort Greene tomorrow, so it may be a little quiet around here until I get settled in. I’ve […]