Monthly Archives March 2009

Sick by Sick West.

The second I got off the plane in Texas I came down with a fever and then a terrible cold. I hadn’t had a fever like that since March of 2003! I was out of commission from Wednesday until Saturday, with a few shoots scattered in between. Thankfully I was healthy enough to see Explosions […]


snaps spanning 5500 miles.

London, Los Angeles, and Brooklyn in between, over the last couple of weeks… “When you’re not afraid to do it wrong the first time, you’ll eventually get it right.” Julia and Bryan. The Smoke Joint in Fort Greene is the most incredible BBQ place in the area. Get some ice cream at Scoops if you’re […]

snow day

First full day back in the States and we have a snow day. Fort Greene Park was hoppin’! And then some hot chocolate.