Spring snaps

Lousy Smarch Weather

I haven’t been posting much here as there hasn’t been much I CAN post… I’ve been traveling since pretty much the beginning of the year doing some rad shoots, mostly on the west coast. Stuff will be popping up soon and then I’ll share! In the meantime, here’s some recent film photos as well as a tearsheet from my feature in this month’s Communication Arts. Now that I’m back in NY for the foreseeable future I’ll hopefully be shooting more of my own stuff… as long as it breaks the 40 degree mark and doesn’t snow… again. I also post more regularly over on the Tumblr, so follow me there too!

Fall/Winter 2010/2011

Another season come and gone, another video compilation of vignettes.

My Esquire Photo Story That Never Was

Last June I got an awesome assignment for Esquire–my first!–to document an “attractive” man, Conrad, throughout NYC. It was going to be a sort of sequel to Esquire’s 1999 article “The Secret Life of a Beautiful Woman.” I was supposed to focus a lot on the reactions of people to this guy–not necesarily to shoot his face. As it happens in the editorial world, stories get cut and that was the unfortunate fate of this one. It happens! However, I’m still really proud of the photos and I’ve never shown them all before, so here they are. It was a fascinating sociological experience for sure.

I don’t get documentary assignments like this often enough and I wish I did. According to my site statistics people click on “Portraits” and almost nothing else, so my documentary work gets thrown by the wayside. However, it’s my favorite thing to shoot, and I think I’m pretty damn good at it! So have a look, enjoy, and I’m glad to finally give this series a home despite its never appearing in print. Thanks to Alison for putting faith in me for this assignment… hope to get the chance to work this way again.

Sidenote: We started out in the Upper West Side and I suggested we take the bus all the way downtown where we were going to meet his friend in the West Village, as the light is so nice on the bus in the afternoon. Conrad helped this woman on the left with her walker and she literally started crying because she had never seen a stranger be so kind to her. So awesome!


Recent film

Best of 2010: Part 4

Sorry for the delay! October – December, omitting stuff I can’t show yet…

Oh yeah, I finally joined instagr.am. My username is elizabethweinberg, follow me!

Jerko the Gowanus Water Vacuum:

In October I did a fun shoot at the Knob Hall Winery in western Maryland for Bloomberg Businessweek. Here are a bunch of outtakes:

John Vanderslice came to town for CMJ and whenever he’s here we try to do a little photo-taking. The light at the North 5th pier was crazy and awesome:

Bebe Rexha for NYLON x Casio at Pinkberry (my first time in one, I don’t think it’s quite my thing).

Tame Impala:



Best of 2010: Part 3

July – September…

Shot some advertorials for Nylon x Casio Baby-G when it was like 100 degrees for a week…

Pamela Love:

Fefe Dobson:

Going Places Doing Stuff was definitely a highlight of the summer:

Fashion shoot with Keren and Turner:

Bandit Brand shoot in a crazy old bar nestled in the Redwoods in California:

Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells!

Dead Horse Bay:

Secret lake.

Mishka Holiday lookbook shoot at one of my favorite places in Brooklyn, the Green-Wood Cemetery, on a crazy 90 degree day in late September:

End of the year coming next. I can’t show some stuff I’ve shot in that time period yet, but soon…

Best of 2010: Part 2

April – June….

Fort TIlden.


Deep Creek Hot Springs, Hesperia, CA!

Harlem shoot for City at Barbiere in the East Village.

Mishka Summer ’10 lookbook shoot at Coney Island. One of the most fun shoots I did all year!

Abigail comes for a visit.

Ariel Pink shoot in the LES…

Canoe trip on the Delaware River.

June roadtrips to lakes….

And the beach.

Bike rides, moped rides.

Summer solstice from the top of Sunset Park.

And we’re halfway through.

Best of 2010: Part 1

Here’s a little best-of for 2010. It was a good year! Got into American Photography 29, got into the PDN 30, shot for a bunch of new clients, traveled a bunch, got my moped above 35 mph…

I’ll do this in four parts, three months each. Some will be client work, some will be random, etc.:


I spent the first week or so of January in Israel. Above are some photos from that trip.



Ruby’s first snowstorm.


Lissy Trullie cover shoot for Tokion. Some outtakes and photos that ran.


Greg doing a kung fu move at Griffith Park. I was doing a shoot for a book cover that never panned out, but it was all good because we got to hang out in lovely LA during a freezing NYC snowstorm…

Then it was time for our annual Gosselin party (hard to explain) in Highland Park:


Deer Tick shoot for Death and Taxes (RIP) at Coney Island.

Fake summer.

PDN 30!

Stay tuned for more…